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 Star Trek goodness

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PostSubject: Star Trek goodness   Star Trek goodness Icon_minitimeTue Feb 14, 2012 11:01 pm

Pretty lazy tonight, so as a bit of a break from the usual NES games I suck ass at, I'm going to suck ass at a Game Boy game. So lets check the vault and see what I can dig up...

Star Trek Generations: Beyond The Nexus


The groundbreaking movie that introduced the TNG crew to the big screen AND killed Captain Kirk in a bitch-ass lame way. Hrm.

You'd expect such a big movie to have a zillion games based on it, but as far as I know, this is the only one. I could be wrong, but I'm too lazy to look it up. There was definitely no game for the SNES or Genesis.

So having no idea what to expect, let's go...

So according to the games intro, I'm aboard the Enterprise B with Sulu's daughter and we are being attacked by Tholians. Sounds good.

This is my view.


Ok, it's easy enough, just use the d-pad to aim and the A button to fire on those triangualar sons of bitches.

y'know, honestly, this is turning into a pretty intense dogfight. It's 2-on-1 and I'm still holding my own. Which is cool, because I think Tholians are retarded.


Amid amazing amounts of phaser fire and the most astoundingly awful sound effects, I take down one of those bastards! The explosion effect is lame, but I bounce in my chair regardless.

The last remaining ship and I face off. After another intense battle in which I realise that my sheilds fully regenerate in about 5 seconds, thus killing the intensity of the battle, I pick away with my phasers until the final Tholian is space dust. Or scattered pixels. Or... a fuck it.


So with that done, the Enterprise B encounters a signal, and it's Checkovs job to solve the frequencey.. or.. something. Anyway, I get this screen of squiggles and shit, so I'm of a mind to make this a multi-parter.


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Star Trek goodness
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